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We here at Garage Werks would like to both welcome and thank you for visiting our website.

Is your garage the FINAL FRONTIER, the BLACK HOLE of neglect, a CORNUCOPIA of CLUTTER?

Ask most any family what area of the home heightens their frustration and is in dire need of a makeover, and they will undoubtedly say “The Garage”.

Often one of the largest rooms in your home, the garage has traditionally been the easiest to neglect. Face it! We all do a good job of accumulating a fair amount of “stuff”. With many families the clutter happens so gradually that only when the car won’t fit and there is nowhere to walk does it become a recognizable problem.

The garage is the area of one’s home that gets used every day. It’s the staging area for daily activities and a family’s busy lifestyle. After a hectic day at the office or an industrious day running errands, there is no better welcome home than a clean, safe and organized garage.
The comfort of knowing where everything is stored, that chemicals are safely out of the children’s reach and the simple fact that there’s room for the car is what every family should strive for and deserves.

While getting toys, tools and hoses off the floor and out of your way can be a daunting task, proper and functional storage solutions are the answer. Our VersaTrac wall panel systems provide an unlimited number of options for storing lawn and garden tools and sports equipment. Specialized bike racks, golf bag racks and other sport racks will ensure that there is a specific home for these items so they will remain in tip top shape.

For seasonal or infrequently used household items the VersaRac Ceiling storage units utilize this often overlooked and forgotten storage space.

Having achieved the primary goal of getting all your gear up and off the garage floor, the crowning touch to any garage makeover is the finishing of the garage floor itself. Not only do our garage flooring products look great, they function just as well. RaceDeck® garage floor tiles are easy to install and virtually indestructible. Parking Pad® and G-Floor® garage floor coverings simply roll out to help protect the garage floor.

Improving your quality of life, living with less stress and increasing the value of your home are just a few of the benefits of having a garage you can be proud of. Please feel free to visit our on-line store for additional information. Again, thank you for visiting our website and we hope to help you get to work on that garage in the near future!


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